Leveraging The Pandemic Threat to Mature BCM

manin maskA growing number of organizations (in both the public and private sectors) are looking at the threat posed by the Avian Flu. Nearly every major publication and news outlet has covered the potential impact of a bird flu pandemic, and embedded in their coverage is the reality that most organizations have done little, if anything, to prepare. This news coverage has led executive managers to begin questioning their organization’s readiness to respond to such an event. Based on industry-wide surveys, and personal discussions, very little has been done at the corporate level to address this threat. HOWEVER, the growing awareness of this and other emerging threats should be seen as an opportunity to mature business continuity programs. Continue reading

Practical Pandemic Planning Advice

7By Robert Giffin
This week Greece became the first European Union nation to identify bird flu in poultry. As this virus continues to spread across the globe, it’s propensity to mutate into a new strain capable of creating a pandemic continues to increase.  The World Health Organization notes that this threat is ‘serious’ and has urged world governments to develop contingency plans in the event of an outbreak. Continue reading