What You Need to Know: Cloud Computing and Business Continuity

The_CloudCloud computing is potentially the most important technology development of this decade, so business continuity professionals should rightly be asking: “What does it really mean and how does it affect me?” This perspective is designed to address common questions about cloud computing.

What is the Cloud?
Bottom-line – it is a marketing term. Like all great marketing terms, it can be used to mean anything, and thus, it actually means very little. For our purposes, I’d like to suggest the following explanations for “the cloud”, which have proven broadly true in practical experience: Continue reading

Cloud Computing: Questions Continuity Professionals Should Ask

CloudEveryone seems to be talking about “the cloud” these days. Unfortunately, that is a REALLY broad term! So, let’s take a closer look at what “the cloud” really means, and then examine some key questions that continuity professionals should ask both their organization and cloud provider when the topic of cloud-based applications and recovery comes up. Continue reading