Designing a Business Continuity Training Program to Maximize Value & Minimize Cost

TeachingCan management rely on a business continuity program if employees are unaware of their response and recovery strategies? No – and as a result, the time and resources invested in the planning effort are wasted.

A properly designed training and awareness program can bridge this gap and it can be developed and implemented in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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Testing Strategies that Demonstrate Recoverability

Excellent Rating Small2You can obtain assurance that your business continuity strategies will work in one of two ways – a test (a.k.a. an exercise) or a real-world event. Without either, no one can state that a business continuity strategy will work as designed. Since no one really wants to test their plan for the first time with a real-world event, let’s look at some testing strategies that work and demonstrate recoverability. Continue reading

Selling Involvement

4Securing investment by management in business continuity resources is getting easier and easier. Current events, customer demands, regulatory requirements and governance imperatives are all leading executive managers to invest more resources into business and technology recovery and resiliency strategies. However, the business continuity planner’s current challenge is getting executive managers to invest more of their own time participating in testing and training sessions. Continue reading

Solving the Training Dilemma

gearsMost organizations now consider crisis management and business continuity to be key components of an integrated risk management program. More and more companies are hiring experienced, credentialed business continuity professionals, and many plans are being documented. However, in spite of these positive trends, a relatively small segment of most organizations’ employees are aware of their business continuity program, let alone their role in executing it should a crisis situation occur. Continue reading

New Webcast: Using Technology to Extend the Reach of Exercises

test“Computer Based Training”, or CBT, technologies have been around for years, but the integration of multi-media capabilities is relatively new. Multi-media CBTs, when combined with traditional table-top exercising methods, enables business continuity planners to “test” and train more and more business units each year. Scheduled at a time convenient to them, business recovery team members can leverage an exercising CBT and learn how to use their plans (and of course, make improvements based on this experience).

This webcast introduces a CBT-based exercising approach, and demo’s the technology that could enable an increase in awareness amongst organizations that leverage it.

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Taking a Holistic View of Availability Risk

1The business continuity industry, driven by a growing body of regulations, standards and guidelines, is primarily focused on developing processes to limit the impact of a disaster to the business. This reactionary based approach is focused on developing plans to help employees and management react appropriately to disaster. Too often, this is viewed by executives and board members as simple ‘insurance’ and is rarely considered valuable unless it’s used in an actual disaster. Continue reading